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If you could look at your tooth enamel under a powerful microscope, you would see that it is made up of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals. This largely calcium based minerals can actually be eroded by the daily presence of bacteria and the acidic food and drinks you consume.

If this process, known as demineralization, is not countered somehow, it will weaken your tooth enamel allowing areas of tooth decay to form on multiple teeth. In time it can even create microscopic channels in your tooth enamel leading to sensitivity issues when you consume hot, cold, sweet or acidic things.

Exposing your tooth enamel to fluoride is one of the most effective methods for restoring these microscopic minerals. This can easily be accomplished by having a Bullitt Dental P.L.L.C. dentist administer a simple fluoride treatment.

This can be done immediately following your regular dental checkup and cleaning. Concentrated fluoride is poured into special trays that are inserted into your mouth and held there for a few minutes. You will need to avoid eating and drinking for up to an hour to maximize the fluoride saturation in your tooth enamel.

If you’ve been struggling with tooth decay issues or sensitivity problems, you should call Bullitt Dental P.L.L.C.’s office in Shepherdsville, Kentucky at 502-908-9434 to ask about a fluoride treatment.