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Oral cancer is a dangerous disease that affects about 42,000 new patients in the United States each year. An important fact you should keep in mind about oral cancer is that recovery is much more likely if the disease is diagnosed in its earliest stages.

You can protect your health from oral cancer by being mindful of the state of both your oral and general health. If you are unsure what signs of oral cancer to look for, we encourage you to keep an eye out for the following:

– Oral cancer can result in a throat that is raw and sore and frequently feels like it has a constant lump.

– If you are checking someone else’s mouth for abnormalities, screen for unexplained development such as bumps, rough patches, speckled patches, and areas of swelling or erosion that aren’t easy to identify.

– If you find you have a decreased ability to eat or speak, you may have a form of oral cancer.

– Oral cancer can also be tied to numbness or decreased sensitivity in the face.

– Oral cancer symptoms include the inability to heal quickly, resulting in open sores that persist for two weeks or more.

– Relentless bleeding in the mouth that doesn’t clot and heal quickly could be an underlying sign of oral cancer.

– Non-mouth-related symptoms of oral cancer include sudden significant weight loss.

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