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Are you aware that while there are many foods that can damage or destroy your teeth, there are also many foods that can build and strengthen them? Even though the process of chewing and eating will wear your smile down over the years, there are many substances that can keep your teeth strong for a lifetime of optimum oral health.

To neutralize acids in our mouths, try consuming foods that have a high water content. Foods with a high water content also aid in the production of saliva, which is one of the body’s best defenses against acids in our mouths. Another wonderful option for saliva production is sugarless gum, as studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after eating can increase the production of saliva and help prevent cavities.

Another good idea is to build a diet heavy in foods that can strengthen tooth enamel. This includes numerous meats such as chicken, as well as cheeses, nuts, and milk. They contain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus which aid in the remineralization of your teeth to help protect and strengthen its enamel.

Another option you should consider is to avoid sugars and carbohydrates. Even natural sugars such as those found in honey can be hazardous to your teeth. The reason is because bacteria in our mouths can transform these ingredients into harmful acids that seek to destroy our tooth enamel.

Eating foods during snack time can also put your teeth in harm’s way. Many foods, especially acidic foods such as sour foods, sweets, citrus fruits, and tomatoes should never be eaten as snacks, but rather as part of large meals to help minimize the effects of the high acidity.

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