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It’s easy to skip your regular dental cleanings. After all, taking time from your busy day to spend time at the office here at Bullitt Dental P.L.L.C. in Shepherdsville, Kentucky can seem like too much to ask.

However, the opposite is true. Without regular cleanings and a checkup from Dr. Robert A. Bell, you put your oral health – and the rest of your health, for that matter – at serious risk.

So let’s look at a few reasons that underscore the importance of regular dental cleanings.

Prevents cavities

The best part about a regular checkup is the fact that it helps prevent cavities. When Dr. Robert A. Bell is able to look at your teeth on a regular basis, this ensures cavities don’t have the ability to develop. If they somehow do, they’re usually caught at an early enough stage to be filled and cause minimal pain.

Prevents gum disease

Gum disease is a big problem among adults, and it’s the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults. Not cleaning your teeth regularly is one of the leading causes of gum disease, but so is avoiding dental appointments.

The reason a checkup in our office helps so much is because we can remove tartar, which you can’t do at home. Tartar is hardened plaque that accumulates along your gum line, and you can’t remove it at home.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you need regular dental checkups, call us today at 502-908-9434 to get more information.