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Have you recently suffered from a tooth hazard? Oral health hazards can be surprisingly common, so it is important to always practice discretion with your daily choices, making sure to keep your teeth and gums as safe as possible. Listed below are common tips for treating tooth hazards:

– If you wear mouth jewelry, be careful of the threats they pose, including being ripped loose, or cracking and chipping teeth.
– Exercise caution with the foods you bite into, as some can chip or crack your teeth.
– Avoid using your teeth to open products such as cans and soda bottles.
– Avoid perilous vices such as drugs and tobacco, as they can all seriously harm your smile.
– Chewing on inedible objects such as pens or pen caps can cause microscopic damage to your teeth or even minor malocclusions that shift your teeth out of position.
– Contact sports and activities that put your teeth and gums in a place where trauma can occur will increase your likelihood of an oral accident.

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